Welcome to our Lodge website.

The Lodge was consecrated on 17th Marh 1868, and met regularly at the old  Masonic Hall in Grey Friars Road (now demolished). The Lodge celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2016.

We meet seven times a year, on the second Wednesday of month in October through to April. We welcome everyone interested in Freemasonry, whether already a Mason or considering becoming one. The website has information which would be useful to members and visitors, links to information on Freemasonry, information about the Lodge and its history and also pictures taken at our meetings.

Freemasonry is a very old Fraternal Society. Only a few years ago we celebrated 300 years of the first Grand Lodge, the Grand Lodge of England. Here in Berkshire we have a thriving scene where Masons of all classic creeds and ethnicities meet and share our traditions, our strong senses of morality and civil responsibility and the ritual in which this is set in our lodges.

The social aspect of  freemasonry means that we meet to eat together both after Lodge meetings and also for more purely social occasions with our partners and families.  If you join our Lodge, you will find it to be full of friendly and interesting people, and through the Lodge you will meet people who you would  otherwise never have met in normal life. We participate in social and charitable activity, and support our brethren in time of need, as well as holding Masonic meetings.

As a Universities Scheme Lodge, we welcome students at the University of Reading in particular, as well as all those who we feel would fit our ethos and would make a contribution to our Lodge and the Fraternity. We are particularly keen to encourage anyone in Berkshire who is a University Graduate and eligible for membership to join us, as the provincial Scheme Lodge. Do let us know – even if it is just so that you can visit.

We hope that you enjoy our website and that you will find it interesting and useful. We aim to help you understand Freemasonry (The Craft) and would be happy to talk to you if you wish to take your inquiries further.